Paper cup industry – Environment

Post 1950, the environment is of the earth was fast deteriorating due to factors like usage of atomic power, deforestation etc., which resulted in ecological problems like global warming. Also the arbitrary usage of plastic goods has resulted in the choking of the world water ways and death of animals like cattle around the world. The leading scientists across the globe are worried about this, and urged all nations to control the usage of plastic goods to the barest minimum to avoid the earth becoming a hell for our next generations.

Our Indian Government also felt the need to curb the usage of plastic and taking various steps towards the reduction of usage of plastic by educating the public  and simultaneously banning the usage of thin plastic cups, bags & plates etc. Thanks to the awareness created by these steps, there was an urgent need to find out viable & economically cheap alternate to the plastic goods, results in the popularization of paper cups as a viable and cheap alternative for the environmentally dangerous plastic goods. The advantage of paper over plastic is that,

  1. It is economical.
  2. Transportation is easy.
  3. No health hazards involved.
  4. Easily biodegradable.

 The emergence of paper as a major force as a replacement for the plastic, has resulted in the opening of more avenues in the industrial sector, particularly paper cup machinery, paper plate manufacturing machinery, paper cone manufacturing machinery, paper bowl manufacturing machinery and related eco friendly machinery  products non woven fabric bag manufacturing machinery. Tamil Nadu has taken the early bird initiative, by arranging for the supply of these machinery to the entire nation, and has become the leading state in this particular industry.

The future of the industry is very secure and fast developing. A recent survey says that per day consumption of paper cups in the country is about 1.0 crore and fast increasing. As such the share of paper cups is 20% in comparison to the plastic cups of 80%. Due to the awareness created & steps taken by the government, it will soon be 100% paper cups in the near future. As such, in major cities like the NCR (National Capital Region including Gurgaon, Faidabad, Noida & Gaziabad), Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai etc., the demand is much more than the supply.  To bridge the gap between demand and supply more and more paper cup manufacturers are coming into the industry and take advantage of the situation.

Because of the increase in the demand for paper cups and increasing market, the paper cup manufacturing machinery industry also is fast developing. NAC Machines, Tuticorin, a leader in the paper cup manufacturing machinery, is rated as the best in this segment. We have 8 years of working experience in this industry and have done more than 200 installations all over India. We are a rated as best by the major search engine like Google, by the sheer strength of performance and by following the norms set by Google, at free of cost, without paying any advertisement charges, resulting in no advertisement expenses for the company. We import our machinery from a reputed machinery manufacturer in China. Our warranty norms, follow up services and competitive price, powered by nil advertisement expenses has earned us the first place in the domestic market.

Paper Cup Industry – Market Potential

Paper Cup Industry in India

Ever since the introduction of kulads (earthen pot cups) by the Indian Government, in the Indian railway catering services, a debate was on for a viable alternate for the plastic cups, bowls & plates and the cost and benefits of the non plastic option. Though a surprising move, not because Kulads were new to the Indian public, but because of its commercial level usage, prompted many entrepreneurs to toe the Govt., line to find & follow the eco-friendly business route. But finding a viable & economically cheap alternate for replacing plastic variants has been a challenge of sorts, because of their weightlessness and odor free nature easy transportation & ease of carrying which has led to extensive usage of plastic containers for serving beverages, ice- creams, sweet corn, sweet delicacies and packaged food items. So any decomposable and eco-friendly substitute for the plastic cups can only be viable for commercial usage if it can offer added value advantage over plastic cups. Paper cups, which has the additional advantage of decomposable, come in all sizes and shapes and share the ease of use, temperature variations , easy transportation, and odorless characteristics of plastic cups. The growing demand in the urban and semi urban & rural markets, opening up of international food chains in India and the acceptability of cheaper, quality and eco-friendly products has made the manufacturing, marketing and transportation of paper cups viable as never before. This has led us to evaluate a primary report on the industry and its potential in India.  

 Market potential and increased usage

Currently, paper cups are being used in all sorts of ready to eat products. The available sizes range from 50 ml to 550 ml. Earlier paper cups, as commercial product, was used for serving beverages, especially coffee and tea. As of food grade paper boards are used for the manufacture of paper cups, which are fast expanding as a viable substitute to plastic and it families, they are now being used for all catering purposes like serving corns, sweets, ice creams and yogurts. Since paper cups do not have the drawbacks in plastic products, as paper cups are expected to be used in increasing quantities. Traditionally also, paper packaging has been used consistently in our country. With the quantum jump in the consumption and growing regular demand pattern the future of paper cup industry looks promising.  A recent survey done in the NCR region, puts in the supply at the wholesale level at around 2 lac pcs per month. Seasonal demand created by the wedding and the festival season puts another 1 lac to 1.5 lac cups per month to this figure. And this is only for the consumption at the small retailer shops and personal home users.

Paper cup business – profitable opportunity

For any investor who is looking for an opportunity to start a new venture, paper cup manufacturing is one of the most profitable business opportunity. To make it profitable, there are lots of Do’s and Don’ts one has to understand before entering the venture. We have given below, a list of Do’s and Don’ts as much as we can cover in this article.
First and the foremost thing is to understand that in any business “Good Quality Product” and Timely delivery” are the most important factors. In a business like Paper Cups, the demand is generated every day and as a entrepreneur forecasting the demand and plan the supplies on daily basis are the key to success.

The check lists before starting a Paper Cup Business are:-

Target the market to where you think you would like to market your Paper Cups, is it Local or outstation?. If there exists supplies already, then who are the suppliers? Are they from local or outstation? What machines do they have and what is their capacity? This initial research will help you choose the right machines to make an inroad into their business and develop your customer base.

The first lists of Do’s are

Research on Market potential and the competitor activities.
Research on the customers and their purchasing pattern

Are the customers from the organized or unorganized sectors?
The source of the demand
The size of the Market and it’s potential
The Profitability of the total business
The growth pattern over the last 3 – 5 years
Market share you want to have
Your Investment Capacity
Is Debt funding an option for sustainability?
The type of Paper Cup Machine required at the starting of the business
The accessories required to install the machine
The required production space & size of the plant

Electric power requirement to run the business and load capacity required
Manpower Requirement
Transportation availability in the neighbourhood for faster delivery.
Financial Planning

This list is not exhaustive but will give some overview about the Paper Cup Business Potential. The Don’ts are equally important and we have given below some strict Don’ts.

The List of Don’ts is

Cheap Quality Paper Cup Machine
Underestimate competition
Try to grab all the business that comes your way
Wrong Growth Forecast
Lack of Proper Financial Planning
Sales Agreement without written Confirmation
Production in Anticipation
Postponement of Machine Maintenance
Lack of Training
Use of outdated technology
Lack of Innovation & Research
Getting the wrong Product Mix.
Low cost Raw Material

This article will help in drafting a secure & strong business plan for anybody who wants to start a good venture. A strong & secure business plan is the foundation for a successful business.

These guidelines are to ensure that your Business is running well and earning enough Profits for you and your customers. Some basic research & policies in the ground level will help in laying a strong base which can create a fool proof & successful atmosphere for the running of the business. These apart, strong will to succeed is VITAL for any successful business.

We hope that we have covered the basics for the starting of a new venture in the paper cup industry. We will try to throw more light on cost factors of the business. We are trying our best to provide our readers a clear perspective of the industry and the basic requirements for the success in this trade. An under- planned approach will be harmful and hence this is our small effort to ensure that prospective would be entrepreuners don’t end up as a failure.

Non woven bag manufacturing business

Earn more than Rs.2,00,000/- per month in Non Woven Fabric Bag manufacturing

 NAC Machineries shows ways for those who interested in self employment

Today, more youngsters are interested in starting own business, but they are confused about the business they should invest. They are having doubts about the profitability & success of various business opportunities. NAC Machineries, Tuticorin, recommends the Non Woven Fabric Bag manufacturing as the best opportunity for such aspirants.

Indian Central and State Governments., are taking various steps to reduce the environmental pollution. As a part of the implementation of these steps, various restrictions & controls have been imposed on the usage of plastic carry bags.  As an alternate, there is great demand for non woven fabric bags and the manufacturing of non woven fabric bags has become most profitable. These nonwoven fabric bags are reusable and can be recycled. There is great demand for these nonwoven fabric bags in textile show rooms, super markets and various outlets selling day to day items. According to customer need these bags can be manufactured in various sizes and printing can also be done.

B-700 nonwoven fabric bag machine is fully automatic and can manufacture 20 to 120 bags per minute. We can manufacture bags to the size of 100-800mm in length and 200-600mm in width. It requires 15kw power supply. The marketing of these bags is very easy. We can manufacture D-cut and U-cut shaped bags with this machine. The printing & handle making machines are also available in our range. If properly done, we can earn up to Rs. 2lac per month. We extend 1 year warranty and after sales service also.

We also import in paper cup machine, paper cup handle machine, paper plate machine, flexography printing, die cutting machine, paper bowl machine, paper meal box machine, paper cone machine & paper cake tray machine, with warranty and provide after sales service.

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Great opportunity!Best Returns!!Paper cup manufacturing business

Earn more than Rs.50,000/- per month in paper cup manufacturing.

NAC Machineries shows ways for those who are interested in self employment

Today, more youngsters are interested in starting own business, but they are confused about the business they should invest. They are having doubts about the profitability & success of various business opportunities. NAC Machineries, Tuticorin, recommends the paper cup manufacturing as the best opportunity for such aspirants.

 Indian Central and State Governments., are taking various steps to reduce the environmental pollution. As a part of the implementation of these steps, various restrictions & controls have been imposed on the usage of plastic cups.  Because of this there is great demand for paper cups and the manufacturing of paper cups has become most profitable.

 We, NAC Machine, are importing high quality paper cup manufacturing machines from China. We import high quality ZB-A12 & JBZ-A12 paper cup machines and also provide training and service. The Government if extending subsidy to the tune of 15% to 35% for paper cup machines.  When this industry is properly run, one can earn more than Rs.50000/- per month. We extend warranty of 1 year and also provide servicing.

By using the improved ZB-A12 & JBZ-A12 paper cup machines, we can manufacture 40 to 50 cups per minute. These machines are designed in such a way that it can run round the clock and can be handled easily by both men & women. The power requirement is 220V/380V. The manufacturing range is from 50 ml – 360 ml capacity cups. The raw material is easily available in the market.

The marketing of paper cups is very easy, because the awareness against the use of plastic is increasing day by day and this results in the increasing of demand for paper cups. The paper cups are being used in all tea shops, restaurants, juice parlours and many important functions. Wholesale dealers are also available all over India. Since the demand for paper cups is increasing day by day, in all across the Indian cities, the sales has become very easy. We also import in non woven bag machine, paper plate machine, flexography printing, die cutting machine, paper bowl machine, paper meal box machine, paper cone machine & paper cake tray machine, with warranty and provide after sales service.

For further details contact – 08220016011

stringent steps against plastic goods

Order on sticking of stickers on Govt., vehicles, Govt., offices

The Tuticorin District Administration, which is keen on the eradication of plastic goods in the district, as a new initiative on the defects of usage of plastic goods, is putting stickers with logos on all govt., vehicles and govt. offices.

The experts and the environmental advocates feel that the usage of thin plastic bags is adversely affecting the environmental balance of the nation as well as affecting the public with grave health problems. Because of this the Tuticorin district collector is taking drastic steps for 100% eradication of plastic goods in the district. The new municipal commissioner is also showing great interest in the eradication of plastic goods in the municipal area. The silver jubilee functions of the district are going to be celebrated in a big way. The district administration is planning to give huge momentum in the eradication of plastic goods in these functions. As one of the primary steps towards this, new multicolored & multi designed stickers are being printed with the slogan “Avoid Plastics, Save Earth”.

The district administration has instructed that these stickers are to be stuck on all govt., vehicles and govt. offices compulsorily. Following this instructions, the sticking of these stickers on all govt. vehicles, on the entrance of all govt. offices and important places in the district are being done on a warfooting.

The administration says that more concentration will be given on this in future and more stringent steps will be taken for the eradication of plastic goods in the district.

Taking necessary steps for avoiding the usage of plastic goods

Award for schools, self help groups & villages which perform exemplary in eradication of plastic goods

The following statement was released by the district collector.

The Tuticorin district collector has declared that the schools, self-help groups, villages will be awarded special prizes. In a statement he said that – the Tamil Nadu govt., is taking necessary steps for avoiding the usage of plastic goods and creating awareness among the public. Further to this decision, the state govt., has decided to award the following prizes – the best 3 villages who are not using plastic goods, the best 3 self help groups who are collecting maximum plastic scrap, and the best 3 schools who are not using plastic goods. The Govt. has ordered to award Rupees 5 lakh as first prize, Rupees 3 lakh as second prize and Rupees 2 lakh as third prize.

The eligibility criteria for winning these prizes are as under –

The participant villages should have banned the usage of plastic goods totally. It should be a hygienic & environment friendly village. Environment friendly activities like solar power generation, rain water harvesting should have been implemented. More trees shown have been planted.

The participant self help groups should be having a major share in the collection of plastic waste in their area. They should have created awareness among the public regarding the eradication of plastic goods. They should engage in the production of jute bags, cloth bags, paper bags & paper cups.

The participant schools should have banned the usage of plastic goods in their school premises. They should have organized rallies, conferences and competition on environmental protection, planting of trees, cleaning of premises and on.

Those villages who desire to participate can submit the applications to the village panchayat or block development officers/ self help groups to the joint director of planning for the women empowerment/  the schools to the district primary education officer.


Today, at the end of each academic year tens of thousands of graduates are coming to the job market, at the end of their education. Year after year, numberof graduates are increasing. Simultaneously, new job opportunities are also getting developed. But it is inevitable that the number of graduates without a job is also increasing every year.

Getting a job on the basis of one’s ability is rare. Experts feel that, it is easier to get a suitable job for a graduate, by following the 4 most important ways.

1)      Choosing a Goal: For all the Job seekers, setting a clear Goal is most important.   People think that setting a Goal means a lofty goal. The first step towards getting a job, is setting a goal based on the individual’s merits & demerits. For example, a person with +two qualification, should know what are the job opportunities suitable for them. In the same way, persons with B.Sc., B.A., B.Com, B.C.A., should understand the various job opportunities available and the job opportunities suitable for them based on the individual’s merits & demerits, before setting their goal..

2)      Do not chase your dreams: Experts say that every individual will have different dreams during different stages of their life time. Hence, chasing a particular dream will not make it easier for the future of the employment, they say.  An Individual will get more experience and expertise in the work, what he is doing for the major portion of his time, and indulging in works related to that particular work will increase his efficiency & expertise and promise a bright future in that field.

3)      Create obstacles:  To say “ Create Obstacles” to any job seeker will sound funny, but by saying means, if specialized education or individual capacity are required for the job you are seeking for, setting it as your goal will increase the chances of getting the “coveted” job. Growth ideas like increasing your talents, scaling additional heights, indulging to work under healthy competition are instigated by such goals, experts feel that creating such growth oriented obstacles will help us in achieving a bright future in the job selected by us.

4)      Practical training will ensure success: People are having wrong notions regarding practical training like internship. Actually, these practices are capable of getting excellent job opportunities to unexpected levels. So getting internship before completing graduation, passing out with good marks in the degree exams will get us excellent job opportunities. Even if we are not getting job opportunities in the organizations where we had our internship, it will help us in getting best opportunities in other organizations. NAC Machineries is one such organization where you will get good exposure to horn your skills in areas like Marketing, Technical Services, Finance etc. Best Wishes for getting a good job opportunity.

Encouraged by each Government

  • The pollution of the world has never been greater than it is at this moment. This combined with the fact that several of these people are enjoying a higher standard of living resources that more food is being consumed than ever before, which is good. However, it also means that more packing materials are required for the packing of these foods, which is a big problem for environment.
  • Packing materials made from plastic creates pollution and tons of garbage which can not be properly disposed till now.
    Packing materials made from Biodegradable Virgin Pulp presents none of the above mentioned problems. Consequently, the recycling of Biodegradable Virgin Pulp has become a very popular method of making a wide variety of  recycling package plates, paper cups, paper bags, food containers, … etc.
  • The machinery and methods used to produce all of these products are the same, only the molds used to form them differ. Consequently, there exist an unlimited number of potential buyers of which the products of a paper cups, plates and bags can be sold.
    Such a green environmental friendly products making machine is worth to be praised and encouraged by each Government and worth to be invested by each Investor.